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Michael Hewlett: Captain, Outside Hitter, 4 year Varsity Letter Winner

Parents: Scott and Rhonda Hewlett

College: Vanguard University

Major: Psychology

Career/Job: Cyber Security


Favorite MVHS Volleyball Memory: All the cheers we created as a team and all the jokes we have made over the years.


I would like to thank my parents for: Always supporting me. I thank my mom for posting about games and getting a bigger crowd in the gym and my dad for being the team doctor and hype man.


I would also like to thank: Coach Cantu for not only being my high school coach, but also my club coach and molding me into the player I am today.


Additional Comments: It was a great almost 4 years on Varsity and I can’t wait to see where Nighthawk volleyball goes in the future!


Troy Hess: Captain, Outside Hitter, 4 Year Varsity Letter Winner

Parents: Terry and Lorie Hess


College: Brigham Young University


Major: Biochemistry 


Career/Job: Orthopedic Surgeon


Favorite MVHS Volleyball Memory: 2019 La Jolla Tournament (specifically beating Torrey Pines)


I would like to thank my parents for: coming to every single game, their immense love and support, and financial backing. I couldn’t have started playing volleyball without them.


I would also like to thank: Coach Cantu and Coach Cooper for their outstanding coaching, their encouragement, and the extraordinary amount of time they take, away from their families, to support every player. Without a doubt, the program would not be where it is without them.


Additional Comments: Shout out to my grandparents for their love and support, and outstanding attendance. Love you and you guys are the best.


Devin Hejnicki: Opposite, 4 Year Varsity Letter Winner

Parents: Jennifer Sannipoli and Timothy Hejnicki  


College: Rogue Valley community college for 3 years then transfer to Oregon Health and Science University


Major: Bachelors of Science in Nursing


Career/Job: Nursing


Favorite MVHS Volleyball Memory: My favorite memory would have to be freshman year when we carried around this stupid t-rex kite to every single game after we bought it and there was just so much hype about this one kite that can't be forgotten


I would like to thank my parents for: Always pushing me to take care of my responsibilities and always allowing me the chance to do my absolute best


I would also like to thank: Coach Cantu for always being a person i could rely on for anything. Whether I needed a kick in the butt or just some advice he was always there at the right time 


Additional Comments: "Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." -Dead Poets Society. 1989


Tristan Carr: Middle Blocker, 3 Year Varsity Letter Winner

Parents: Justin and Lara Carr


College: Utah Valley University


Major: Fire Science


Career/Job: Firefighter


Favorite MVHS Volleyball Memory: Cantu taking us to all the delis 


I would like to thank my parents for: Always supporting me no matter what and pushing me to succeed in whatever I choose to do. 


I would also like to thank: Troy for getting me started on volleyball, without him I would have never played and gotten to have all the great moments with the team.



Kyler Anderson: Middle Blocker, 2 Year Varsity Letter Winner

Parents: Michael and Rebecca Anderson

College: Orange Coast College

Major: Biology

Career/Job: Chiropractor 

Favorite MVHS Volleyball Memory: just the van rides, they were always fun and interesting

I would also like to thank: the team for encouraging each other to be there best and accepting everyone no matter their experience with the sport.


Talen Palpallatoc: Setter, 2 Year Varsity Letter Winner

Parents: Dennis and Tara Palpallatoc


College: University of Saint Katherine


Major: Business


Career/Job: Undecided


Favorite MVHS Volleyball Memory: Beating Torrey Pines at the La Jolla tournament my junior year


I would like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout my High School experience and giving me the tools I need to succeed.


I would also like to thank my coaches and teammates for making the sport worth playing. There’s no other team I would rather play for as we were all so close and it felt more like a family than a team.


MV Volleyball has been a big part of my life. Without it I would’ve never found myself in the volleyball world. I wish the best for the upcoming team and hope you guys can win the title that we never got the chance to chase.

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